The reason why I have so many pictures of the Handlos family is because Tom and Lila let me go through their scrapbooks in 2016.
These are just a sampling of the nearly 400 scans I made from 11 scrapbooks.

Linda Handlos

Gary Handlos MHS 1958 with Tom Handlos

Gary Handlos MHS 1958

Tom Handlos & Cindy Bilsten MHS 1975

Lila & Frank Handlos 1960

Lila (Hargens) Forke

Joe & Cecelia Riesselman - parents of Lila 1966

Albert & Mary (Reitmeier) Handlos 50th - parents of Albert Jr., Frank, Henry & Edward

May 1973 Frank Handlos stuck - If you've never been stuck like this at least once then you've never farmed.

March 1960 blizzard - Linda Handlos

Linda & Gary Handlos

Tom Handlos 1971 Junior High basketball

Gary, Frank, Linda

Gary & Linda

Linda Handlos - first communion

Tom Handlos & Marcus Paes 1975 AFS student from Brazil

Frank & LIla 35th anniversary 1974

Albert, Jr., Frank, Henry, Edward

Tom Handlos mowing grass 1966

Gary Handlos

Lila, Linda, with uncle Albert Handlos, Jr. and cousin Larry Handlos

1972 Tom Handlos & Bruce "Mongoose" Antone wearing one of his many "interesting T shirts."
Long story short, Bruce had his last name legally changed back to his German ancestral name of Anton.

Frank Handlos 1977

Gary Handlos

Tom Handlos May 1957

Tom Handlos 1976

Albert, Frank, Mary, Henry, Albert, Sr., Edward

1975 Tim Kienast, Jim Opperman, Tom Handlos, Jeff Sebring

Tom Handlos & Jon Hass - first communion

1939 payment to Lyden Studio for Frank & Lila's wedding photos

Lila Handlos certificate 1996

Frank Handlos 1956

Tom Handlos 1966

Mike "Chuck" Foley & Tom Handlos 1972

Frank Handlos baler - Jim Mohr on left & Frank on right

Gary Handlos - Prom 1958

Tom Handlos 1983

Tom & Dee Handlos

Steve Schwaller, Tom Handlos, Mark Schwaller

Tom Handlos 1964

Frank Handlos having lunch - 3010 JD tractor 1966

Frank was attempting to smoke bees out of the shed with a torch and one of the burning bees crawled back into the wall which started the fire.
Frank wanted to put chickens in the brooder house.
Merlin Irlbeck on gate.

Page 141 of the Manning Schools history book

Gary Handlos Lincoln No. 2 country school

Back: Louise Mohr, Marjorie Drees
Third: William Bruhn, Lyle Drees, Merlin Drees, Melvin Thielen, Donald Dammann, Allen Mohr
Second: Janice Drees, Gary Handlos, Raymond Thielen, Allen Overgaard?
Front: Marjorie Thielen, Linda Handlos

North wall of Lincoln No. 2 circa 1948