Lila Hargens

Back: Marlene, Marion, Jerry, Lila
Front: Alan, Louie, Elsie (Sinow), Lori, Arden

Marlene Hargens MHS 1953

Marion Hargens MHS 1955

Alan Hargens MHS 1956

Lila (Hargens) Forke

Elsie Sinow

Peter J. & Josephine (Hell) Hargens, Walter, Louie

Back: Peter J., Christopher, William, Margaret, Anna
Front: Henry, Herman, Peter N., Anna (Nagel) holding Bertha, Lena

Theodore & Johanna (Timm) Sinow, and son Robert 1889
Johanna was Theodor's second wife.

Page 123 of the Manning Schools history book

Vera Ahrenholtz & Lila Hargens 1948 Iowa No. 8

Halloween party: Gary Rowedder, Lowell Stammer, Kenneth Hass, Eleanor Ehlers, Lila Hargens

1 Allen Ehlers, 2 Jerry Hargens, 3 ??, 4 ??, 5 Annette Ehlers, 6 ??, 7 Eleanor Ehlers, 8 Lila Hargens, 9 Larry Ehlers, 10 Gene Ehlers, 11 Lyle Ahrenholtz, 12 Lowell Stammer, 13 Arden Hargens, 14 ??, 15 ??, 16 ??, 17 Elaine Ehlers

Top: Evelyn Grundmeier, Jerry Hargens, Annette Ehlers, Arden Hargens, Eleanor Ehlers, Allen Ehlers, Joyce Handlos
Second: Larry Ehlers, Kay Hass, Kathryn Hass, Lowell Stammer
First: Lila Hargens, Keith Hass, Darlene Kruse, Lyle Ahrenholtz, Jeanette Fabian, Kenny Hass, Elaine Ehlers
Bottom: Gene Ehlers, Elaine Ahrenholtz, Hazel Jurgensen, Kenny Ahrenholz, Donna Wegner, Alice Jurgensen, Harold Jurgensen