Frances Grimm

Frances & Dennis Grimm

Elbert Grimm - Brown McDonald employee

Dennis & Sharon (Willesen) Grimm

Kevin & Danny - sons of Dennis & Sharon

110th anniversary of Trinity Lutheran church - Connie Ahrendsen & Sharon Grimm

110th anniversary of Trinity Lutheran church - Darrin Asmus & Kevin Grimm LYC skit January 1981

Dennis Grimm was an employee of the Adler heavy equipment company. One day they hauled 100 loads of soil.
Denny worked from October through December of 1962.

This was a wetland/slough area so the subsoil had to be removed and more stable soil hauled back in and compacted.

Now do you recognize the location - the construction of the new grade school

January 1968
These school pix were taken by school board member Merlin Struve.
I scanned them from his slide collection.