Many of the older Koester pictures below came from the Gerhardt Voge collection - thanks to Ann (Voge) for allowing me to scan the Voge/Lamp/Koester collection and also for helping ID the1500+ pix.

Carol Kuhl

Dale Koester

?Dale Koester?

Dale Koester 1957 Homecoming parade - buildings to east where the present day Plaza is.
Gamble store 402 & 404 on left, Robert "Kuhl's Tavern" 406 Main Street on right

Luella Ahrendsen & Dale Koester

Harry Koester

Chopping fire wood

Herman, Henry, Harry, Amanda & Gus Koester

Gertrude Koester with Amanda & Harry

Louise (Lamp) Koester - Manning school teacher

Louise (Lamp) Koester - Manning school teacher

Louise & Joe Lamp

Louise Koester - Hayes No. 8 country school teacher

Back: Harry & Louise Koester, Alice & Joe Lamp
Middle: Rose & Marvin Lamp
Front: Dale Koester, Craig Lamp, Bruce Lamp (Joe & Alice's 2 sons)

Amanda & Harry Koester 1918

Amanda & Harry Koester baptism

Henry, Julius, Harry Koester 1918

Harry & Amanda Koester March 8, 1935 confirmation

Harry & Louise (Lamp) Koester

Harry & Louise Koester farm sale June 5, 1977

Harry Koester, Willys Wunder, Amanda Koester

Amanda, Harry, Henry Koester

1918 Louis, Ida, Herman, Hilda, Julius, Henry, Amanda, Harry

Harry, Amanda, Henry, Julius heading to Children's Day

Harry Koester 1917

Harry Koester and his rabbits

Harry Koester and Willys Wunder heading to Iowa No. 2

Harry Koester during his birthday 1924

Harry Koester with twin calves 1924

Parade pictures

Harry Koester

Harry - 1956 Diamond Jubilee - intersection of Third & Sue Street.

Harry - Homecoming 1963

Harry - 1958 - Manning Light Plant to the east

Harry - 1961 Children's Day