"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" Roberta Flack 1972

I believe this is a FIRST!
Now it is a SECOND!

Daru Ross identified 2 more pictures for me. #52 & #54.
And I now have the Vinke pictures in Vietnam corrected by both Cheryl and Daru.

I've posted lots of unknown baby pictures since 1996 when I first started my web page.
Most unidentified baby pictures I've worked with came from old family collections, so more than likely the people in those baby pictures were deceased - probably even their children. So it would be understandable that no one would come forward with a name.
I've also posted pictures of babies who were probably still living but then I wonder if no one came forward because they didn't want anyone to know it was their baby picture...no matter the reasons why people don't come forward with picture IDs, it is great to finally have someone e-mail me and tell me who one of the unknown baby pictures is.

To find out - check out "Unknown 12" linked in the baby picture feature below. You'll see that once I know who the baby is I can generally come up with all kinds of pictures of that person and their family connections...and then run into more ID problems.

The links on the left are NOT the only baby pictures I have in my database - there are thousands more - they are the ones that have the word "baby" in the file name which I found during the "baby" search.

I hope you will take the time to look through all of the baby pictures. I realize that baby pictures are probably the least interesting of all pictures, but take the time to read the names of the ones I have identified. You probably won't know them but should recognize the last name connected to Manning.
These babies provided you the world in which we live in today and they did an excellent job in my estimation...2 of them featured paid the ultimate price and gave their lives defending the way of life you have now.

They definitely were the type of individuals who "ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."

"Tour of Manning babies both present and past...

If you have been viewing my Easter Bunny, Santa, and Princess Prom pictures over the last 15 years you may have wondered where all of the babies/kids are coming from.
One reason is that kids who grew up and went to school here - then went to college, found employment elsewhere, and then started families, soon realized that the boring little town they grew up in wasn't all that bad after all.
Fortunately some jobs were available here or in surrounding communities so young couples started moving back to Manning - without a job people can't move to a community to live in.
One business that has had a major impact on this return of young people is Puck Enterprises, started by Ben & Kathy (Willenborg) Puck...now joined by their children and dozens of employees of guess what??? Young People.
A very impressive achievement by 2 kids who grew up on family farms near Manning.

Family farm that Ben & Kathy have lived on since 1996.

I don't have any baby pictures of Ben or Kathy and they will probably be glad about it - here are 2 from high school.

Ben Puck MHS 1977

1974 - 75 Basketball - JV (no girls' varsity yet)

Back: Managers - Sue Grimm, Lori Ramsey
Middle: Coach Phil Lawler, Joan Croghan, Becky Heinicke, Deb Mohr, Trish Croghan, Kim Mitchell, Janis Opperman, Mary Eickman, Heidi Ashton, Cindy Rothfolk
Front: Donna Stoelk, Kathy Willenborg, Sherri Bruhn, Joni Siepker, Marsha Beck, Joan Hass, JoAnne Croghan, Janet Genzen

Puck Enterprises

2019 Puck Enterprises employee babies

Back: Jacob Dreier (2010 IKM-M), Beth Bandow (MHS 2000), Jeff Blum (MHS 2001) "Tucker," Jeremy Puck (MHS 2001) "Kip & Koy," Ryan "RJ" Arp (MHS 2008) "Brody," Aaron Dickson (MHS 2006) "Kinnick," Chris Reis (MHS 2001) "Keeley"
Front: Ashley Ricke (North Polk 2005) "Emma," Joe Maas (Atlantic 2003) "Alex," Dallas Williams (CRB 2013) "Blair," Eric Schreck (Kuemper 2010) "Nolan," Doug Greving (Kuemper 2001) "Tate"

Not pictured: Travis Baughman (IKM 2007), Steven Blackwell (IKM-M 2010), Ben Puck (1977 MHS), Kathy (1978 MHS) Puck, PUCK Enterprises, INC Owners.

"We are blessed to have a community that continues to evolve. Our communities have always been successful in exporting many talented students that have a well-rounded education that benefits employers with their skill sets. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are supported by reaffirming their importance and rededicating additional efforts for our students. This focus strengthens important skill sets...that bring added value to our students that many students in other school systems may not be able to obtain. These skills are very important to our community as it fights to survive and continue to be competitive in the world we live."
Puck Enterprises

From the 2006 Manning Quasqui history book - family section

Back: Kathy, Ben, Jeremy
Front: Daniel, Mary, Nancy
Ben and Kathy Puck were married on June 16, 1979, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Manning and reside on the century family farm south of town.

Benny Duane, is the son of Edward and Helen (Moeckl) Puck. Ben grew up on farms by Gray and Viola before moving to the family farm in 1967. His siblings are Ella (Lauritsen), Wanda (Johnson), Helen (Ernst), Garry, and Edward. Grandparents are William and Margaretha (Joens) Puck and Anton Gustave and Rachel Fern (Hineman) Moeckl.

Kathleen Jean, is the daughter of Leo and Darlene (Haberl) Willenborg. Kathy grew up on a farm near Aspinwall with her siblings: Dale, Ron, Linda (Wolf), Patty (Axman), Steve, Lori (Willenborg-Schreck), Kenny, and Theresa (Nash). Her grandparents are Bernard Frank and Genevieve Vivian (Daniel) Haberl, and Henry and Ida (Uhlenkamp) Willenborg.

Ben and Kathy are the parents of four children: Jeremy Benjamin, Nancy Kathleen, Mary Elizabeth, and Daniel Edward. All four children were born at St. Anthony Hospital in Carroll. Jeremy attended Iowa State University and is now working for Puck Custom Enterprises in Manning. Jeremy married Melissa Pfannkuch on September 3, 2005. Nancy is in college at the University of Northern Iowa. Mary is at the University of Iowa. Danny is a junior at Manning High School. Throughout their high school careers they played on the Bulldog athletic teams, broke many records, and loved to compete. Go Bulldogs! Ben and Kathy were, and still are, dedicated fans.

In 1979, Ben and Garry started Puck Brothers' Pumping. They applied liquid animal nutrient to farmland. From that original business, Ben and Kathy now own and operate Puck Custom Enterprises, Inc. The business today applies liquid nutrient to farmland and also does custom cutting, raking, and medium square baling of hay.

The Pucks are members of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Manning where Kathy is a lector, teaches CCD, and is a member of the Catholic Daughters. For many years she also served as Bible School director. Ben has served as a church director with Pete Croghan for the past eleven years, is an usher, and a member of the Knights of Columbus.

Their children have been involved in the SHOUT youth group, CORE group, and have been mass servers.

Ben has served on many boards, including Iowa Forage and Grasslands Council, Aspinwall Coop, and Manning Betterment Foundation. He is also a founding partner of Farm Partners Supply Company.