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After working different days over several weeks - probably 60 total hours of editing 500+ pictures and the corresponding audio, I finally can feature the school musical.

I've stated this before about previous musicals and plays but I am always amazed at the hard work these students go through to prepare for the school plays.
While kids out for sports put in a lot of time and effort, I don't think the actors in the plays get enough recognition or credit for what they do...studying your lines and songs and then performing them in front of an audience takes a lot of courage. While you are in a group, you also are alone and if/when you forget a line or miss a note, you are the one who stands out at the time.
I definitely think this part of the school system prepares a student for life as much if not more than the scholastic aspects.

When I see so many young complainers in the news today, and then I look at these local students who put in so much effort with school events, I'm glad I live here in Manning and not in so many of those other communities who I think could learn something from our IKM-Manning school system.
Dave Kusel

Oh, Horrors!
It's Murder!

IKM-Manning auditorium
November 10, 2019

If you look closely at the podium above, you'll see the name of Jack Lorenzen. This podium is used at graduations and other school events. It was made in honor of Jack who served 3 terms on the school board. He also served in Korea from 1950 to 1952. He married 1951 MHS graduate Wava Lacy.
Jack died in 2004 - when these students were babies or not even born.
I think it is always important to explain why someone's name is on a plaque or honored in some way.

For the picture of the 2 boys above the podium picture - the one on the left (Logan Vonnahme wearing the John Deere shirt) is the grandson of Judy (Genzen) Jacobsen...I overheard him call Judy, "grandma" when she - was explaining his video duties for the musical. This kind of caught me off guard that Judy had a grandson in Junior High.
I remember Judy as a kid who lived with her family just east of our farm.
I also remember when Judy's grandparents, Virgil & Florence Genzen previously lived on that farm.
Many of the older family generations attended country schools of the area and some also attended Manning town schools.
Larry Genzen was my shop teacher at the old high school shop - below the gym.

Today, I believe our history is more important than ever - that everyone, young and old, need to think more about where they came from and who it was that gave us the quality of life we now enjoy.
Below I'll show you just a little of Judy's grandson's ancestral background who made it possible for his existence and the relatively easy lifestyle he now enjoys...also that he can experience and work in the digital world of videography.

I would encourage everyone connected to Manning to stop and think about their background and why they now exist and live in this community.
I was fortunate to have known everyone shown in the pictures below, except for Edward Genzen, who died before I was born.

Having known all of these older generations of the Genzen family and so many other older generations of other Manning area families had a big impact on my life...just like anyone else who grew up and lived in the Manning area their whole lives.

It's just that most people don't stop to think about history that had an impact on us whether we realize it or not.

Logan Vonnahme
son of Danny & Taya (Jacobsen) Vonnahme - MHS 2007 and 2008 respectively

Bertha (Grimm) & Edward Max Albert Genzen

Virgil & Florence (Hinz) Genzen

Cynthia (Peters) & Larry Genzen

Judy Genzen - Grandmother
Solo Mime January 1987

Judy Genzen - Grandmother

Back: Janet, Paula, Judy, Barb, Bob
Front: Larry, Cynthia

Darlene (Genzen) Vollstedt, Larry Genzen - siblings

Larry Genzen

Larry Genzen, Betty Lengemann, Darlene Genzen 1952 Pep Club initiation
Betty was a neighbor of the Genzens - She is also the mother of Luann Langel who teaches at school.