Schroders/Schroeders of Hayes Twp Cemetery
Jennifer McAllister: Schroders/Schroeders of Hayes Twp Cemetery
Nov 19th, 2017 8:16 am
I am trying to determine if the Peter and Anna D. Schroder (Schröder with the umlaut) buried in Hayes Township Cemetery (Crawford County) are related in any way to my Schroeder ancestors who happen to be buried right next to Peter and Anna D in Hayes Township Cemetery.
My ancestors are Heinrich F. and Anna C. (Schroder) Schroeder. Heinrich F.'s parents are Friedrich (born 1830) and Auguste (born 1829) Schroder (with the umlaut) and are buried next to Heinrich F. and Anna C. in Hayes Township Cemetery. Anna C.'s maiden name was also Schroder (with the umlaut), so she was Anna C. (Schroder) Schroeder. Her parents were Johannes Heinrich (born 1821) and Christine (born 1830) (David) Schroder and they are buried in Clinton County, Iowa.

So, we are just guessing that Peter and Anna D. Schroder may be related to either Anna C. or Heinrich F., but then again, it may just be coincidence that they are all buried in the same row next to each other as Schroder/Schroeder is such a common name.

Per their stones, Peter Schroder died 21 July 1887 at the age of 82 years, 6 months. Anna D. died 2 Nov 1896 at the age of 81 years, 11 months, 8 days. The stones are very difficult to read, so this may not be exactly correct, but at least the year of each of their deaths is pretty clear on the stones. I did find an 1880 Crawford County census record for a Peter and Anna Schroder (75 years old and 67 years old, respectively) living with and listed as "father" and "mother" to Georj Schroeder (head), age 32, farmer, and Kattie (wife), age 28, housekeeper.
Georj is more than likely a typo and should be George or Georg.

Does anyone know if there is a family relationship between Peter and Anna D. Schroder and Heinrich F. and/or Anna C. (Schroder) Schroeder?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
re: Schroders/Schroeders of Hayes Twp Cemetery by David Kuchel
Sep 29th, 2018 1:56 pm
I see nobody has helped you yet. Maybe I can. I'm a Schroeder descendent and I'm thinking that it is not a coincidence that they're buried together. They are here for a reason. If you're still out there please email back and maybe we can compare notes. Upon talking to my mother (whose maiden name is Schroeder) we came to the conclusion that most, if not all Schroeders/Schroders in the area are from the same family. She told that when she was a child that most, if not all, Schroeders that weren't descended from her great great grandfather Joachim Ludwig Schroeder were considered "from the other Schroeder family". Meaning that they were descended from one of Joachim Ludwig's brothers or cousins. Joachim Ludwig and his wife, Margaretha, are buried in Center Grove Cemetery, Clinton County, Iowa. I have a lot of distant relatives in that area. But when your talking about somebody who grew up in Aspinwall, Iowa, who doesn't.

I've run into a few roadblocks when researching the Schroeders beyond the line that I come from, but, again, maybe I can help. Anyway, I wish you luck in your research.

Dave Kuchel
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