Sharon Ewoldt: Ewoldt-Fink-Vinke-Kruse
Feb 7th, 2014 8:42 pm
Mystery Family.
Working on the Ewoldt family, my great grandfather was Hans Ewoldt1844-1900 from Schleswig Holstein, wife Mary Frick 1849-1945. Hans had a brother Henry 1841-1942, wife Dorthea Vinke 1851. Sister Julia Ewoldt Kruse 1859, husband Joseph Kruse 1849. Many of the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are unaware Hans, Henry and Julia were siblings. Together they had 31 children some with the same first names.
I am trying to put them all on the same tree. It all started with Claus Ewoldt in Germany.
Please post a message here or contact Dave Kusel if you have information on Henry or Julia, or would like the information I have so far.
re: Ewoldt-Fink-Vinke-Kruse by David Kusel
Feb 10th, 2014 1:58 pm
Thanks to the obituary of Hans Ewoldt that Sharon has it positively proves that Henry Ewoldt, who married Dorothea Vinke, was a brother to Hans, and they also had a sister, Julia Kruse.

One thing Hans' obituary did not say was where he came from in Germany - it only said the typical general location that was commonly used back then in obituaries which was Schleswig/Holstein. That is like saying I'm from the Midwest - a fairly large area.

When I worked on the family section of the Aspinwall centennial book for the web page version, I noticed a Henry C. Ewoldt who married Sophie Schroeder. The most important fact I saw is the village that Henry C. came from (Bendfeld, Germany) which was the same village that Henry Ewoldt who married Dorothea Vinke came from as stated in the family section of the Manning Centennial history book.
So both Henrys almost have to be related - 1st cousins or the next generation but at least some connection.

We know Henry Ewoldt (Dorothea) had siblings but his obituary only mentions his parents taking the family from Bendfeld to Krumbeck - with no names for the parents or of the siblings or how many there were.

What we need to determine now is how the 2 Henrys (Aspinwall & Manning) are related so hopefully someone else will come along with more obituaries that will help connect them.

Obituaries and community history books are so very important when trying to connect family histories.
If you have any old obituaries that mention Manning connected relatives please e-mail me.


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