Schroeder, Rostock, Wiese, Eggers, Ketelsen, Boyens, Siem, Vogt, Wunder
Andrew Michaelsen: Schroeder, Rostock, Wiese, Eggers, Ketelsen, Boyens, Siem, Vogt, Wunder
Aug 19th, 2013 11:16 am
Looking for German connections between Carroll and Crawford Counties and Clinton County Iowa for the following families: Schroeder, Rostock, Wiese, Eggers, Ketelsen, Boyens, Siem, Vogt and Wunder.

My great-great grandparents include Otto (1829-1918) and Wiebke Rostock Schroeder. Wiebke died in Germany and Otto married Margareta Wiese (maiden name unknown 1822-1913). When they immigrated to the Clinton County, the band included five of Ottos’ children and two of Margareta’s.

Johannes Schroeder (1857-1880) – died the year he arrived
Dora Schroeder (1859-1952) – married Henry Vogt and then August Gosch
August Schroeder (1860-1928) – married Emma Valendorf
Herman Schroeder (1862-1941) – married Catherine Boyens
Chris Schroeder (1864-1953) – married Hermine (Minnie) Kruse
Bertha Wiese (1860-1951) – married George Vogt
Claus Wiese (searching)

All of the Schroeder’s and their spouses, with the exceptions of Chris (Preston Cemetery) and Claus Wiese (unknown), rest at Ingwersen Cemetery, about halfway between Elvira and Goose Lake, in Center Township, Clinton County, Iowa. The original family farm was in Deep Creek Township, but they later retired to Charlotte, in Waterford Township.

The children were hired out for the first year and reunited the second year on the new farm. Herman and Claus were servants / farm hands for Nick Ingwersen at the time of the 1880 census.

Dora married Henry Vogt in Carroll or Crawford County and made their home in Hayes. The following was provided from David Kusel from the Aspinwall Centennial Book:
In 1886, we have a reference to a Mr. Vogt, who "attends the wants of those needing blacksmithing or wagon work"; he apparently sold the business to Andrew Boyens, who had learned the blacksmith's trade in Germany and had worked in Manning for about a year before moving to Aspinwall. Boyens and his wife Elizabeth lived in the house next to the blacksmith shop which he owned for 12 years. It was announced in the December 17, 1897 Manning Monitor that Boyens had sold his blacksmith shop to Henry Kuser of Logan, although Mr. Boyens would retain possession of the shop until March 1. Boyens rented the Ahlert property and lived there for two years before moving to a farm in Iowa Township.
The following is from 1911 Wolfe's History of Clinton County, Iowa:
Otto B. Roenfeldt was born and reared on the farm and attended the common schools, and for one year was a student at the Clinton high school. He was married on September 23, 1903, to Ella, the daughter of Henry and Dora Vogt, of Clinton county. Her father was American born and her mother a native of Germany. Her father was long a blacksmith, residing at Goose Lake, this county, and was well known for miles about. He died on November 21, 1900, of appendicitis, and was buried at Ingwersen cemetery. His wife still resides at Goose Lake. Dora was the eldest of four children.
The Vogt siblings were born in Scott County, moved to Clinton County and then on to Crawford County.

Mary Vogt (1854-1929) – married John Albert and Hannes Wunder
Henry Vogt (1857-1900) – married Dora Schroeder
George Vogt (1858-1924) – married Bertha Wiese
Caroline (Lena) Vogt (1861-after 1929) – married Mathias Hansen

Mary Vogt’s sister-in-laws Bertha (Wiese) Vogt and Dora (Schroeder / Vogt) Gosch) both attended her funeral in Manning. Bertha was living in Charlotte and Dora Clinton. Bertha and Dora were step-sisters married to the brothers Henry and George Vogt. Henry and Dora’s son Herman was a partner in the Manning hardware store when he moved west. Herman married Laura Reimer on 1909 in Manning, Iowa.

My great grandparents included Herman and Catherine Boyens Schroeder.

Catherine worked as a servant for her sister Anne Boyens Siem in Manning at the time of the 1885 census. Somehow, Herman and Catherine ended up married and farming in Waterford Township, Clinton County, finally retiring to Charlotte, Iowa. Catherine’s parents are Andrew and Katherine Eggers Boyens. It seems like they stayed in Germany. There does not appear to be a direct relationship to the two other Boyens family trees in Crawford County.

Anna Boyens - married Henry Siem
Andrew Boyens (1861-1943) – married Elizabeth Rohr
Henry Boyens - stayed in Germany
Karl Boyens - stayed in Germany
Catherina Boyens (1864-1950) – married Herman Schroeder
Williams Boyens (1866-1954) – married Fredrika Rohr and moved to Nebraska
Agnes Boyens (searching) - married Mr. Meier and showed up in Omaha

David Kusel’s collection has several Boyens’s obituaries, including Andrew, his wife and their children and grandchildren. Andrew bought the blacksmith shop in Aspinwall from his sister’s brother-in-law. It may be a coincidence, but there were probably other connections. Andrew lived the final years of his life with his sister in Charlotte, Iowa.

The Siem family has been more difficult to track. Henry / Hans died and disappeared between 1900 and 1910. He was listed as a shoemaker at West Side in Crawford County for the 1880 census. Anna Boyens Siem is buried at Elmwood Cemetery in DeWitt, Iowa, with two of her children. Catherine Boyens was listed as a servant for her sister and Henry in Manning during the 1885 census. Anna Siem’s son William Siem was living with Catherine Boyens Schroeder when he was a teenager during the 1900 census. He later returned to Manning and was listed as an out of town attendee at Catherine Boyens Schroeder’s funeral in Charlotte.


re: Schroeder, Rostock, Wiese, Eggers, Ketelsen, Boyens, Siem, Vogt, Wunder by Andy Michaelsen
May 23rd, 2017 8:24 pm
This is an update of my original post. The focus in on Boyens of Friedrichstadt. All the immediate family was born there with the exception of Andreas and Anna who were born in Hollingstedt.

The father was a blacksmith, Andreas was the blacksmith in Aspinwall and young Carl was a blacksmith in the old country.

The data for Andreas of Aspinwall was acquired by Merlin H. Wiese, then of Auburn, WA in 1999. Chris Stoudt shared this with me. The data for Anna Siem was acquired by me through Ute Brandenburg of Iowa City. The Hollingstedt records are now on microfiche. The data for the balance of the family set was acquired by Andy Michaelsen through Laura Bensow of Beyond History in Hamburg. The Friedrichstadt records have not yet been modernized. This was a first cut.

Records for Wilhelm indicated he was an army deserter and emigrated without government permission in 1886. The birth record for Heinrich was not found, but there was a Heinrich Boyens that deserted and was suspected of illegal emigration in 1898.

Andreas Boyens married Carolina Margaretha nee Mensel
Wilhelm Eggers married Anna Margaretha nee Mader

Boyens, Andreas born 22 Sep 1835; died 3 Mar 1907
married 5 Feb 1860
Boyens, Lucie Catharine Eggers born 26 Nov 1836; died 13 Mar 1915

1. Boyens, Andreas born 11 Oct 1861 in Hollingstedt; died 19 Dec 1943 in Clinton, Iowa and buried Iowa Township Cemetery
married 16 Dec 1885 in Manning
Boyens, Elisabeth Rohr born 8 Nov 1861 in Bredstedt; died on 5 Mar 1928

2. Siem, Anna Boyens born 7 Dec 1862 in Hollingstedt; died 23 Apr 1924 DeWitt, Iowa and buried Elmwood Cemetery
married 1 November 1881 in Manning
Siem, Hans Heinrich born on ; died on

3. Schroeder, Catharina Boyens born on 21 Sep186; died on 3 Oct 1950 Charlotte, Iowa and buried at Ingwersen (Center Grove Township) Cemetery
married 13 February 1886
Schroeder, Herman born 26 Oct 1862; died on 18 Jan 1941

4. Boyens, Wilhelmina born on 2 Jan 1866; died on 30 Jan 1866

5. Boyens, Wilhelm Christian Peter born 1 Dec 1866 in Friedrichstadt; died 1954 and buried at Nishnabotna Cemetery
married 9 Jun 1888
Boyens, Fredrika Rohr born on 27 Mar 1866 in Bredstedt; died 1 Jul 1934

6. Boyens, Carl August born 30 Oct 1868; died 12 Jan 1877

7. Boyens, Maria Sophia born 19 Jan 1870; died unknown

8. Meyer, Agnes Marie Johanna born 16 Feb 1873; died 9 May 1959.
married 30 Jul 1893
Meyer, August Johannes Wilhelm born 26 Dec 1870; died 29 Mar 1948

9. Boyens, Carl Gottfried Wilhelm born 16 Feb 1873; died on 8 May 1959 in Hamburg
married unknown
Resided in Tonning 1907 and Neuhof in 1948

10. Tewes, Emma Paulina Leonora born 25 Jan 1876; died unknown
married 25 Nov 1900
Tewes, Rudolf Peter born 29 Aug 1879; died unknown

11. Ohls, Margarethe born on 22 Jul 1878; died on 18 Sep 1948
married 29 Aug 1898
Ohls, Johannes Friedrich born 8 Oct 1871 in Tating, Eiderstedt; died unknown

There is another brother missing. Heinrich Boyens was identified as an army deserter and suspected illegal emigrant in 1898. He is identified in a photo by my grandmother and brother in the 1960. The Manning Boyens have a copy of the photo, but no identification.

Andreas and Catherine traveled to Germany in 1911 for a visit and to try and sell their siblings on America. Chris Stoudt had found their names on a ship registry. This also corresponds to postcards and letters passed down from Catherine.

This search has been greatly facilitated by your message board.
re: Schroeder, Rostock, Wiese, Eggers, Ketelsen, Boyens, Siem, Vogt, Wunder by Andrew Michaelsen
Sep 23rd, 2014 7:50 pm
Thanks for leads and connections with Chris, Jean, Kae Rene and Carolyn. We have solid ties with Andreas (eldest sibling) and Catherine (3rd sibling). I am still looking for leads for:

1. Anna Boyens Siem (2nd sibling)who lived in Manning and then moved to Clinton County. She was the first to immigrate and died in 1924. Peter Siem was her son.

2. Wilhelm Boyens (4th sibling) who farmed in the Manning area and lived in Manilla / Walkertown. We have two photos, but little recorded family ties. He died in 1954 and is buried in Nishnabotna.

3. The Rohr sisters, Elizabeth and Fredrika, who married the Boyens brothers, Andreas and Wilhelm. There is a good trail for their brother, Henry, but little other than some photos of Elizabeth and her family and Elizabeth's obituary.

Thanks again for providing this post. It has been extremely useful and helped put Catherine's family back in touch with Andreas's family.
re: Schroeder, Rostock, Wiese, Eggers, Ketelsen, Boyens, Siem, Vogt, Wunder by Andrew Michaelsen
Aug 23rd, 2013 8:50 pm
I would love copies of any Boyens family pictures or information you might have. I was planning a trip to Plymouth County, Iowa and McCook County South Dakota to track down some information on my wife's side of the family tree (Martens, Lindenberg, Harnack, Koch, Molds and Stredde). I plan to meet Mr. Kusel if he is available and wander through the local cemeteries. By the way, I have seen Catherine’s (Katharine, Katharina) brother’s name spelled Andreas, Andreus and Andrew. Did he ever use Andy?

Thanks so much for your offer. You may have my e-mail address if you it helps.
re: Schroeder, Rostock, Wiese, Eggers, Ketelsen, Boyens, Siem, Vogt, Wunder by chris stout
Aug 21st, 2013 7:11 pm
I have several pictures and information on the descendents of Andreus Boyens (married Elisabeth Rohr). please contact me and I can share my information with you if you are interested in it.
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