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Name: Debra Weis
Location: Winona MN
Donna Mohr had on facebook the great pictures from your website!
Such fun to see memories of the King Shoot! Five House holds many memories for our family and as my mother said, "On Sunday such great music, it brings back so many happy memories".
Posted: Tuesday - Jun 4, 2019
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Name: Tina Louise Jahn
Location: Lincoln, NE
I stumbled across a picture of my dad by searching for his name, Lowell Jahn, on Google. It came from a link davidkusel.com. I think it is senior high school picture. I clicked the link and was pleasantly surprised at all the pics and history of Manning that included my grandparents!
I write to you because I need to thank you. Thank you for my accidental stumble. I hadn't expected it at all as I was looking for his obituary. To our dismay and broken hearts, he recently passed away. I don't have many pictures in my possession, or know much of our history. Your site has solved much of those issues! Thank you!
Posted: Saturday - Jun 1, 2019
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Name: Betty Howe
Location: Texas
I want to thank you for all the information provided. My grandparents Elizabeth and Frederick Ross were from there and I find lots of genealogical information about them and my Mother Selma Ross Hopkins. I am working on family genealogy now, but have visited your site since 2007. I still have relatives in the area and enjoy reading all the information. I have a number of my mother's pictures, etc. and hope to get the time to forward them to you. Once again, THANK YOU for all you work.
Posted: Tuesday - Apr 16, 2019
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Name: Jon Groteluschen
Location: Aiken, SC
Hi Dave, Just wanted you to know that I followed up with Chris Joens (Keith's son) with quite a bit of history about the Groteluschen family.
Posted: Sunday - Mar 3, 2019
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Name: Glenda Baker
Location: Sylvester GA
Regarding the photo on your website today, showing the 1958 Friendly Neighbor Club, I believe I can identify a couple of the ladies, Elvie Richards and Velma Struve. Elvie is standing wearing black dress with pearls, and Velma has on a checked dress. Velma was my mom and Elvie was a first cousin to my dad, Ralph Struve. Mom belonged to that club for a number of years.
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Posted: Thursday - Feb 21, 2019
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Name: Bryan Young
Location: Bloomfield NE
Got your name and website info from Kirk Huldeen (formerly of Manning), I am from Bloomfield Nebraska and enjoy the pictures of the old train station you have on there I’m in the process of researching the GAR 230 Civil War veterans post here in Bloomfield I have found about 12 Civil War veterans buried here in Bloomfield and the spring will be cleaning the stones and putting up flags at memorial day my great grandmother came from Odebolt Iowa And married Hector Downie who settled in Bloomfield From Scotland I think a lot of people ended up in Bloomfield as it was the last stop on the line
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Posted: Thursday - Feb 14, 2019
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Name: Glenda Struve Baker
Location: Sylvester GA
Looking on your website, the White Bair School program caught my eye when I saw my Grandma's name on the student list, Dora Gruhn Struve on it along with three of her brothers. You are correct about the Sporwein spelling. I think she was related to the Gruhn family. I found a copy of the boarding list from the ship they sailed from the Ellis Island website many years ago and I think her mother and my great grandfather Gruhn may have been brother and sister. They were listed together and I know my grandma had an "aunt Sporwein", as she was called.
Posted: Friday - Feb 1, 2019
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Name: Suzanne Bandow McClelland
Location: Page, Lake Powell, AZ
Thanks for posting the Manning Pee Wee Wrestling Tournament. That is so awesome to see this up and coming young talent. Of course when I was in school, there was no wrestling. However, when I moved to Page, AZ and started working at Page Unified School Dist I got involved in working Wrestling Meets and Tournaments. I love this sport!!!!!!!!!! This next weekend I will be working my 20th Wrestling Tournament. We are expecting over 500 Wrestlers for this tournament.

Just want to say Good Luck to all of the young wrestlers out there!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again Dave for all that you do!!!!!
Posted: Friday - Jan 11, 2019
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Name: Gene Philpott
Location: Culver City,CA.
Just wanted to say Thank YOU.
Posted: Sunday - Jan 6, 2019
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Name: David Kusel
Location: Manning
Well, another year has come and gone.
I started my web page in 1996 and have connected with a lot of people from around the world.

My hopes back then were the same as now - I hope to work with anyone and everyone who has Manning connections and relatives.

Preserving our history is of utmost importance - especially since most of it has already disappeared and been thrown away.

Please feel free to post a message to me on this guestbook.
They are fun to read and see who is a visitor here.

Dave Kusel
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Posted: Tuesday - Jan 2, 2018

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