Editor Nancy Stammer
General History Sue Schilling
Families and Homes Ron Schilling, Iola Stammer
Schools Dorothy Kusel, Elaine Hansen
Military Histories Luella and Kelly Musfeldt
Treasurer and Bookkeeper Wallace Schroeder
Secretary Iola Stammer
Ads Harry Jansen, Merton Ross, Cindy Hinners, Ruth Soll
Photographer Bob Beck

We thank the dozens of people who have helped make this book possible. We sincerely hope we have not missed anyone in the following list of people who helped with research, typing, photography, proofreading, and the dozens of other tasks involved in the production of this book: William Kruse, Wilmer Ehrichs, John Ehrichs, Ida Dethlefs, Amanda St. Onge, Elva Ralph Arndt, Arnold Brus, Verna Buthman, Caroline Clark, Goldie Meeves, Corrine Jahn, Vera Hobbs, Phylis Ehlers, Betty Sinow, Betty Schroeder, Julie Schroeder, Tom and Teresa Wurr, Colene and Gene Lohrmann, Allen Ehlers, David Schilling, Elmer Mueller, Minnie Jensen, Marie and Harry Schroeder, Emma Schilling, Alvin Schilling, Amanda Clausen, Emma Rowedder, Jean Voege, Rose Brandt, LaVerne Schroeder, Clara Ehrichs, Ida Wunder, Amanda and Herman Lamp, Lisetta Derner, Mary Ann Renze, Helen Kasparbauer, Malia Soll, Randy Behrens, Ginny and George Mackey, Clariss Jansen, Lois Wegner