If you have original pictures that were used on the inside cover please email David Kusel Corrections for the 1982 Aspinwall Centennial history book
If you find other errors (especially date or name errors) please e-mail Dave Kusel
The 1982 Aspinwall Centennial history book was scanned and text was OCR'd by Dave Kusel March of 2011. Then an intense process of error checking by Dave and his mother, Dorothy (Ehrichs) Kusel was done.
Cross checking with obituaries, other records, history books, and databases were used to determine the correct spelling of names. No dates were changed since they were submitted by family members - so if there are errors they came from the original source (or possibly typos made by the history book committee members).
Internet Google was used to determine the correct spelling of many of the old towns where the ancestors came from.
"Having worked on 3 Manning history books I have found that no matter how many times a person checks for errors, and no matter how many proof readers there are ERRORS will be published. Spell checker in MS Word and the Internet has really improved the proof reading process but still errors will be made. These corrections below are NOT intended to criticize the original history book staff - but to hopefully pass on more correct information to future historians." Dave Kusel

Page 3 and on a few other following pages Nishnabotny was used (the correct spelling is Nishnabotna)
Page 14 under Julius Thiedeman - one misspelled version Theideman
Page 35
pretty sure Voht should be Vogt
Page 40
pretty sure Voht should be Vogt
Page 44
pretty sure that Stickleburg should be Steckelburg
is questionable probably Bruggeman
Page 46 Eddie Henson should be Hensen
Page 52 Henkleman should be Henkelman
Page 54
Kraack should be Kracht
Page 59
Leoanrd Holdsworth should be Leonard
Page 60
Wrong picture at top - NOTE the picture on this page is a duplicate of the picture on page 61. It is not known who had the picture or what it looked like that belonged with this caption.
Page 62 in Odds & Ends - Julius Gute is probably Julius Guth
Page 76
Alyce Guth should be Alice
Page 79
Roonfeldt should be Ronnfeldt
Page 80
Olivia & Duane Buetel should be Bueltel
Rowedder should be Daryle
Page 87
Elfert Ehlers should be Alfred
Alberta Barton should be Elverta Barten
Goldie Molder should be Molter
Willie Scholtz should be Schultz
Edwin Wagner should be Wegner
Anthony should be Wilbur
Page 89 Earl Claussen should be Clausen
Page 92
Olivia Buetel should be Bueltel
Page 93
Marian Ranninger should be Ranniger
Page 95 Olivia Buetel should Bueltel
Melvin Sinnow should be Sinow
Page 104
Andy & John Babick should be Babik
Earl Schroeder should be Carl
Page 111
Louise, Earl & Vernon Ossenkopf should be Ossenkop
Page 113
Marion Ossenkopf should be Ossenkop
Jahn should be Geniece
Page 115
Carl & Allen Kloffkorn should be Klofkorn
Page 123
Mrs. Elsie Siems should be Siem
Mrs. Emil (Emma) Ehrichs should be Mrs. August
Mrs. August (Carolyn) Ehrichs should be Mrs. Chris (Caroline)
Page 135
John & Henry Schuman should be Schumann
Page 161
Elda Barton should be Barten
Page 173
William Barnquist should be Bargenquast
Page 176
Wayne Ranninger should be Ranniger
Page 187
Muller should be Mueller
Page 190
George Eschenbacker should be Eschenbacher
Page 192
Bredstest should be Bredstedt
Page 193 Hoolingstedt should be Hollingstedt
Page 198 Lugum Kloester should be Lügumkloster
Page 199
Lugumkloster should be Lügumkloster
Page 201
Neiderfrank should be Niederfrank
Page 203
Clara Jochimsen should be Joachimsen
Page 204
Macklenburg, Germany should be Mecklenburg
Page 205
Tolgaard should be Tollgaard
Page 211
Richardsen, Texas should be Richardson
Lena Seivers should be Sievers
Under Gene Ehrichs - They had two children. Mark married Melody Patton and has one child Teri Jean. Brian married Lora Kettle and has one child Kevin. should read three children & after Kettle should just be Kevin
Page 214 Krunmbek should be Krumbach
Page 220
Bob Eickelcamp should be Eickelkamp
Page 224
Winklemann should be Winkelmann
Page 226
Margerethen should be Margarethen
should be Lutzhorn
should be Elbe
Page 241 Joanne Lamp Dress should be Drees
Page 242
August Schnecloth should be Schneckloth
Page 242
Doolsey, South Dakota should be Wolsey
, South Dakota should be Wolsey
Page 250
Wesley Gustan Lage should be Gustav
Under Edward Lamp: started farming in 1915 and moved to Denison. They were married 59 years of Aspinwall, in 1925 - should read started farming in 1915 and moved to Aspinwall in 1925.
Page 252
probster should be Probstei
Page 255
Jochimsen should be Joachimsen
Page 257 Schuedeman should be Stuedeman
Page 258
Anna Schnecloth should be Schneckloth
Page 260
Konighbach should be Königsbach
Page 264
Mrsy (Mrs. Jim Schleis) should be Mary
John Schwiessow should be Schwiesow
Page 270
Mrs. Ray Friedricksen should be Friedrichsen
Page 275
Brunsbrittel, Germany should be Brünsbuttel
Olson should be Delpha
Brandt should be Engelbert
Page 276
Neufahren, Germany should be Neufahrn
Page 277
Nosalem Township should be Mosalem
Page 285
Dittmarchen should be Dithmarschen
Page 291
Mecklenberg, Germany should be Mecklenburg
Page 294
Esther Jochimsen should be Joachimsen
Page 305
Luetzenburg, Germany should be Luetjenburg
Page 308
Christof Jochimsen Winkelman should be Joachimsen
Page 309
Landstiehl, Germany should be Landstuhl
Page 316
Erma Weise should be Wiese
Page 319
Tena Tollgard should be Tollgaard
Page 320
John Weick should be Wieck
Page 326
Schoenbery (probably Schönberg), Probstein should be Probstei
Page 335
Schwarlback Gut Panker, Germany should be Schwalbach